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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another "Guinness Shandy" Please...

The past few years I had played music at the Trinity Pub in Atlantic City. Fellow friend and amazing bartender, Chris Paisley, turned me onto Guinness + Irish Cider. Though most places make this 50/50, I prefer 3 parts Guinness, 1 part Cider. The sweetness of the cider gives Guinness the most delightful flavor! {I've also been known to drink half and half: half Guinness, half Blue Moon, or black and tan...half Guinness, half lager. } Anyways, Paisley got me hooked on the Cider/Guinness combo, but unfortunately there aren't any bars around here that have Irish Cider...especially not on tap. So, the next best thing...SPRITE. Yet another combination that I was enlightened to thanks to the wonderful Chris Paisley! He calls them "Shandy's"...a pint of Guinness and only a shot of sprite. It gives it that little dash of sweet and takes the heavy edge off. Mmmm, smooth + delicious. Paisley said that in Ireland a SHANDY is a "poor mans beer": any cheap beer mixed with a carbonated lemonade. He also warned me to be specific and order a Guinness Shandy, because in the past he has ordered one and it was Coors Light with Sprite...ewwwww. So next time you are out at a bar and they have Guinness on tap, order yourself a delicious pint of Guinness Shandy!

Wikipedia says...
, or shandygaff, is beer flavoured with ginger beer or ginger ale. Carbonated lemonadesoda may also be used. The proportions of the two ingredients are adjusted to taste, normally half-and-half. Shandy that is sold canned or bottled is typically much weaker (about one part beer to ten parts soda).

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